Repeat Restaurant of the Month


Florida Stuffed welcomes you to the Repeat Restaurant of the Month section. The repeat restaurant is a monthly event where I revisit a restaurant featured previously on Florida Stuffed. These are restaurants featured originally at least six months ago or possibly longer. You will see what I ordered, followed by a brief review to see if my impressions have changed.

Location: Little Phillies –Satellite Beach, Florida

Date of Revisit: 01/26/2020

Date of Original Visit: 01/21/2019

Link to Original Visit:

Previous Visit Summary: Little Phillies is a modest name for this place. This is one of two places I featured in Satellite Beach in 2019 and it left a great impression with me. This small place has charm with an authentic food experience, good service and fair prices. Orders are made fresh and you get a lot of choices for toppings and cheeses.


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How Was the Food: On this visit, I was joined by an old friend that came with me from Orlando. On this visit, I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Cheesesteak. I skipped the cheese but I ordered mine skimpy with French fries. Skimpy means a 7″ roll with 1/4 pound of meat. While I loved the 10″ sub I had on my previous visit, I decided to do a smaller portion this time and I had no regrets. I ordered mine with raw and sautéed onions, along with bacon. This combination gave the shredded chicken tons of flavor and each component was fresh. The combination of raw and sautéed onions is something I recommend. My friend ordered an Authentic Philly (skimpy with French fries). She had hers topped with swiss cheese, sautéed onions and lettuce. She was very happy with the portion, the flavor and cleaned her plate too.

How Was the Service: Impressions of service remain unchanged from previous visit. My server was great. We were checked on a few times during our visit. The rest of the crew was friendly through the entire experience. This spot has a very welcoming atmosphere and the people here keep everyone comfortable.

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