Created: 04/17/2019

Updated: 04/17/2019

Welcome to the Criteria section of Florida Stuffed. This section was developed to give you a comprehensive view of what I am looking for and noting in every restaurant featured on the website. To help you understand each aspect of a visit, these are some key definitions to look for:

Accessibility: Location of restaurant, amount of traffic in immediate area, ease of parking.

Customer Service: A few different factors make up customer service content: Being greeted upon entry, amount of time taken to receive any food/appetizers, how attentive service was (checking on me during my stay…or not), issues being seated.

Dating Scene: This is a broad aspect but usually overall ambiance, noise level, and seating arrangements make up this section.

Lets Get to the Menu: It is an overview of what I ordered, including food presentation, taste, price and overall flavor. Also I will do a brief overview of other items you will find on the menu and price ranges.

Extras: Any major landmarks, buildings, businesses or highways in the area.

Restaurant Cleanliness: Observations are made of dining areas, tables, floors and mens restroom (obviously).

Forms of Payment Accepted: Overview of payment types accepted (cash, credit, etc)

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Food type and city are noted. Useful when using the search engine function on the website.