The Azalea Spot

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Location: Caobana Café –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 12/14/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to Café Caobana located in the Azalea Park area of Orlando, Florida. As you may know, I am a big fan of Cuban cuisine and there is no shortage of places to try. Some people may drive by this place daily as it is close to the 408 Expressway and if you do, I suggest you give this place a try. One thing I enjoy about Cuban restaurants in general is how each place delivers the cuisine in their own unique fashion. This restaurant may seem unimposing and it is quietly tucked away off of the road but once you go inside, you would think you are eating at a five-star restaurant.

Café Caobana is a comfortable place to check out for those looking for a quiet environment, comfortable seating and a great variety of Cuban food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Service overall was good. The crew here is very friendly, attentive and they make everyone feel welcomed here. I took it easy here as I kept my order on the light-side. I was here for a brief time for lunch but I will return. If you are looking for a good Cuban spot in Orlando, this place is recommended.

Accessibility: Cafe Caobana is located on South Semoran Boulevard at the intersection of Dahlia Drive. Adequate parking is available in front of the restaurant. Traffic can become thick in the immediate area during commute hours. Traffic was moderate in the area at the time of my arrival, approximately 3PM.

Customer Service: I was greeted and seating upon entry. My server checked on me a couple of times during my stay. He was friendly and helpful as I looked through their bakery case and the menu. Everyone else was very nice and made me feel welcomed.

Dating Scene: This place offers seating comfortable for couples or even small or large groups. Pleasant lighting give this place a comfortable ambiance throughout the day. Between the desserts and the wine selection, this place will make a good date spot.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered their Charizo Sandwich with Papas Fritas. This dish included thin-slice Spanish sausage on fresh Cuban bread with onions and string potatoes. I finished up with a M&M cookie. My order came to $10.80 before tip. The charizo sandwich was a pleasure to eat. Everything from the bread to the meat was freshly prepared, the fries were great as well. I would ask for extra sausage on this particular sandwich in the future but very happy with flavor, presentation and portion.

Extras: You are within walking distance of a PepBoys Auto Center (with additional p[aces to shop in an adjacent strip), two minutes from SR-408 (Tolls), and the Florida Highway Patrol Station…if you are actually looking for that place.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

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Location: Cubavana Café — Cutler Bay, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/05/2017

Welcome to part two of the Miami, Florida Tour on Florida Stuffed. Welcome to Cubavana Café, located in Cutler Bay, Florida. First review ever out of this area as well. Before I begin the written portion of this, I was joined by my long-time friend Angel that lives here and he recommended the restaurant to me. We did a little special episode on this. Expect an actual YouTube episode on this restaurant to be featured approximately two weeks from the date of this posting on Florida Stuffed YouTube, link available at the top of the page. We were authorized to film in the restaurant and are in the process of editing it. I had the honor of meeting the owner Mr Victor. I hope to remain in contact with him. It was a great restaurant, and he has fifty years of experience in the restaurant business. He told me that in all of his time doing this, this is the first time anyone has wanted to film in his restaurant. I am glad we were able to change that. Florida Stuffed is here to help these restaurants especially in media production. Expect live takes from me, Angel and an on camera interview with Mr Victor himself.

Cubavana itself is not a huge restaurant but not small either. I was really impressed with the quality, and presentation of the food here. Cuban cuisine is one of my favorite Latin foods, up there with Columbian. The service was really good. We have some very beautiful ladies working here. Food was very fresh, very large portions of food, and reasonable prices make this one of the best places to eat in Miami. Angel told me about this place and said that this IS the best Cuban food you can get here. I admit I agree with him. The Cuban restaurants in Orlando give some very impressive recipes but customer services is not getting high marks from me but this place, they really care about the customers. To go a little further in this summary, I really enjoyed meeting Mr Victor. We talked for a while. I have to say, he carries himself as a well-spoken, classy gentleman. He came into the restaurant while we were wrapping up dinner. We arrived around 6PM. I love having the chance to meet with the owners and I appreciate him allowing Florida Stuffed to film and record in his restaurant. My compliments to him, and he has many credentials as a restaurant owner over the years. He stays very close to his Cuban roots with the menu and the atmosphere of this place.

Accessibility: Cubavana is located on Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay, Florida. It is located in a Publix shopping center. There are a lot of active shops in the strip not to mention the Publix so be aware of the parking and pedestrian traffic. Traffic in the immediate area was light during the time of our arrival and after.

Customer Service: We were greeted upon entry by a manager and the lovely servers. Our server was very nice, very friendly and made sure we were taken care of. Our orders were brought out in approximately fifteen minutes. Having Mr Victor join us added to the experience.

Dating Scene: You cannot go wrong doing a date at this place. You have enough on the menu to make your date happy. The restaurant is family friendly. The restaurant maintains a nice, simple atmosphere, and there is enough table space to accommodate small or large groups.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit I ordered the chiccaron de pollo, which is fried chicken, served with plantains, white rice and black beans. The fried chicken surprised me with the use of raw onions as a topping. Sorry folks, but I love my onions raw. It added to the flavor of the chicken. The chicken itself was really good, nicely fried, easy to handle. I was complimented by Angel that I eat chicken the way it should be eaten, with my hands. The white rice was really good, for white rice. People know that know me will tell you that I never go near white rice, no flavor, dull substance but the rice was one of my favorite parts of the meal. I also ordered two scrambled eggs on the side. The restaurant offers breakfast all day but charges extra after 11AM. The restaurant serves wine and beer for those interested. On the menu you will find sandwiches, breakfast menu items, mariscos, salads, sharing plates, cantinas, desserts, coffees and teas. Expect a variety of meats, chicken, pork, beef and they also have fajitas as well. If you stick to the meals, and avoid drinks and appetizers, you can keep your bill under $30 for a couple but by all means, enjoy a dessert and drink here! I also ordered a cup of fresh orange juice. Angel ordered a bistec empanizado, a flattened fried chicken steak.

Extras: You have plenty of shops and other restaurants in the same plaza and the Publix to shop in if you are here.

Delivery Services: The restaurant has delivery through Postmates, Eat24, GrubHub, Uber Eats,, and a few others.

Discounts Available: Senior Citizen discount available.

Wifi: None available

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Credit Card

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Location: Fireman Dereks Bake Shop and Cafe –Miami, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/05/2017

Welcome to restaurant #95 and the first restaurant review from Miami, Florida on Florida Stuffed! I took some time out this weekend and made a drive to south Florida. I have not visited Miami in the last couple of years but it is definitely a beautiful city and different from what I know in Orlando. On this day, the weather was great, and the city was active as always. I appreciate my friend Angel for his hospitality and helping me on my tour of Miami. I did another restaurant which will be posted on Florida Stuffed after this. I rode solo to this bake shop, which is located near downtown Miami. Fireman Dereks caught my attention through social media and I kept them saved in my phone.

The restaurant was easy to find, parking was not (as I will note in the accessibility section of the review). The bake shop was very tiny but it attracted people constantly while I was there. Most of the space in the place seemed to be dedicated to baking and displaying all of the lovely pies and cakes they make. I think the restaurant can sit a total of four people and there is limited outside seating available. I counted as many as twenty people crowded inside and more crowds forming outside as I was waiting. I arrived here approximately 245PM. I stayed for less than thirty minutes. This place had a good variety on the menu. There were various pies, cakes, cheesecakes, flans, cookies, teas and coffees. Despite the line, wait time was only a few minutes. This place would be totally awesome if the space was bigger. I loved what I had, the pies I tried, friendly staff but I do not care for the ‘being cramped’ while eating feeling but no one else seemed to mind. I would come back here if I visit Miami again.

Accessibility: Fireman Dereks Bake Shop is located on North Miami Avenue near the intersection of Northeast 29th Street in Miami, Florida. Paid parking is available either in parallel parking spaces in the vicinity and there is a public parking garage. Some of the parallel parking areas have paid meters. The one I parked at required me to call a phone number and enter my credit card information. I was a little reluctant on that but I had no choice. I believe my charge for parking was $1.88 total for sixty minutes. I am sure rates in the area are lower on Sundays. There is a lot of foot traffic in the area and panhandlers do not seem to care if they remain standing in the street next to you when the light turns green so just watch for them.

Customer Service: I was not greeted upon entry, nor was anyone else but it was a very active environment and the bakers and staff were well occupied. The cashier greeted me when my turn came up. She was very nice, friendly and my order was given to me within a minute after ordering so they definitely move fast paced. Keep in mind, they give a free cookie (a good sized cookie too) if you check in on Facebook and like their page too. I ate my chocolate chip cookie on my way back to Orlando. I was able to sit at one of the two open stools but the crowd was growing so much, I ate one of my pies and left.

Dating Scene: Hmm…assuming you find a place to sit, it would make an interesting date spot. Just be prepared to go elsewhere if you really want your pie but cannot enjoy it there. The restaurant is family friendly.

Lets Get to the Menu: I have pictures of the menu attached to this review at the top! You have cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies, teas, coffees and other confections. The beauty of this place is you can order by the slice or by the whole pie/cake. I ordered a slice of apple pie and a slice of peanut butter-chocolate pie. I will be honest, I enjoyed the apple pie more. I prefer my pie to be served warm but I made an exception when it was brought out cold. It was a very homemade apple pie, had a nice buttery flavor and a rich apple filling. I ate half of my peanut butter-chocolate pie. I did not realize it was more of a cheesecake. I think I am one of the only people that does not care for cheesecake at all but I liked how it was topped with crushed nutter-butter cookies and drizzled chocolate on top. I am not sure what the price point here is but my two slices cost me a little over $12. Based on that, I think the prices could be a little lower but this is downtown Miami we are talking about. I do not recall seeing prices on the menus for anything which is not uncommon in parts of Miami.

Extras: Plenty to see and drive through in the immediate area. You are not far from the Miami International Airport. I know, I got lost in there as soon as I tried to merge back onto the expressway.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Credit Card and cash are accepted.

Wifi Available: Unknown

Discounts Available: Free cookie with check-in on Facebook

Delivery Services: None available.

Truck of Puerto Rico


Location: The El Criollito Food Truck –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/04/2017

We have a food truck on scene in Orlando, Florida. You will find El Criollito in the parking lot of Fancy Auto Sales located at the corner of Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive (SR-50) in Orlando, Florida. I bought my current vehicle from this place back in February of this year. Had a pretty good experience and no issues with my vehicle, 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4×4. The owner Mr Dennis told me he had a food truck at his business and this truck turned out to be a gem for me. I have not reviewed any Puerto Rican food trucks and I met with the owner as well during my visit. The owner of the truck Mr Alberto told me that he owns another truck and a restaurant nearby so I hope to remain in touch with him and visit the other truck and this restaurant in the near future. Really nice guy, and maybe I can arrange to do an interview with him soon. Since this is a food truck and not a full blown restaurant, the layout of this review will be slightly different but this truck is recommended.

This particular truck was a popular one, especially with the people that would stop by at the lot just to visit the truck. I was alone initially but was joined by several other customers.

Accessibility: The truck is posted at Fancy Auto Sales at Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive (SR-50) in Orlando, Florida. This area faces heavy congestion during weekday commute hours. Parking is limited and keep that in mind if you park, do not block the driveway like I saw some people doing.

Customer Service: Service was good. I was greeted immediately. I received my food in less than fifteen minutes.

Lets Get to the Menu: This truck has a lot to offer on its menu. I ordered La Chicarron de Pollo, or fried chicken translated. This is one dish that varies a little in some Latin cultures and I like to see how it changes from place to place. Essentially, it is chunks of fried chicken, some pieces are boneless, some are not. My meal also included a salad and mofongo. I was really happy with the chicken and the mofongo. There was a lot of flavor going on with the food. I always find Spanish food to be very refreshing on a long day. The truck also offers camarones, carne frila, pulpo, tostones and a range of natural juices and drinks. With my juice, I spent approximately $10.00 on my order. Portion size was very good. The chicken was done nicely, and very easy to eat.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash and credit.

Delivery Services: Uber Eats

Wifi: None Available.

Discounts: None Available.

Extras: There are a few stores and markets to shop at in the immediate area. You are approximately ten minutes from SR-408 (Tolls).

Woke Up In College Park


Location: College Park Café –Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 10/29/2017

Florida Stuffed has been quiet through the month of October 2017 but I am back in business! I spent most of this month working on social media outlets and the new YouTube channel and just telling people about Florida Stuffed. To end October, I took on some breakfast at an old café in the College Park area of Orlando, Florida, just a short drive from downtown. It has been a while since I have visited any restaurants in this area but I thought the prices were very reasonable here and I had a nice and quiet restaurant experience.

I arrived approximately 730AM this morning. I am not sure if I captured the true atmosphere of the restaurant. College Park is very quiet during this time on a Sunday morning, not a lot of traffic and foot traffic was non-existent. Inside, the restaurant was very quiet. There were approximately a half dozen customers and it was very quiet. I do not mind a quiet restaurant, especially after waking up early. I found service here to be good, the staff was very friendly and the food was great. Sometimes, I need an actual breakfast, something a little heavier to start my day. This café has been around since the 1960s to my knowledge and current ownership has been around since late 1980s so there is a lot of history with this place. The appearance of the restaurant has never really changed based on the pictures of the restaurant inside that have been taken over the years. Good thing is, with the low customer volume, I felt the server was more focused on me and the food was definitely a highlight of the visit as it should be. I am sure the place gets busier in the later morning hours.

Accessibility: College Park Café is located on Edgewater Drive near the intersection of Smith Street in Orlando, Florida. Traffic along Edgewater and Smith Street can become a little congested during commute hours, especially if there is an accident on Interstate 4. There is parallel parking available on both sides of Edgewater drive in this spot. There were no meters but there is a 2 hour time limit during the week.

Customer Service: I was greeted immediately upon entry. My server was very friendly and she was a pleasure to talk to. She told me a few of the facts of the restaurant presented at the opening of this review. My order was ready in approximately ten minutes. I was checked on regularly by my server. Tables were already stocked with utensils, and other condiments.

Dating Scene: College Park Café is a nice place to do a low-key breakfast date but nothing too intimate or serious on the dating scene. The restaurant is family friendly. I recommend sitting at one of the tables that runs along the center of the restaurant. The booths felt a little tight on me.

Lets Get to the Menu: The menu serves breakfast all day and there is a large variety of brunch items on the menu as well. Keep in mind the place closes at 2PM. On this visit, I ordered a combo breakfast that included two pancakes, sausage (links), and three scrambled eggs. I ordered one extra egg, it normally comes with two. You get a choice of French toast or pancakes with this combo along with a choice of bacon or sausage (patty or links). I also ordered a lemonade. My bill came out to approximately $12.40 before tip. Prices are all over the place on the menu but remain reasonable. Based on prices, I see a couple spending as low as $20, possibly up to $25 if you get extras (drinks/desserts) so the experience remains affordable. You may be able to keep it under $20 for a couple if you do not get extra sides or add-ons. Food portions were plenty for me. The pancakes were done just right, and they are big as you see in the pictures. The sausage was good, not overcooked and the eggs were really good, I always have to have eggs with my breakfast. The rest of the menu consists of sandwiches, omelets, French toasts, breakfast sandwiches, soups and salads too. Food quality was very fresh.

Payment Accepted: This is a new section for Florida Stuffed reviews. This restaurant takes cash and credit card payments.

Discounts: Another new section. This restaurant does not offer discounts for military, senior citizens, etc.

Wifi: Non available.

Extras: There are plenty of shops and other restaurants in walking distance. You are ten minutes from downtown Orlando and Interstate 4.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Breakfast, Orlando, College Park

Dip or Sip

Location: Sip N Dip Donuts –Saint Cloud, Florida

Date of Visit: 10/10/2017

It has been a few months since I visited Saint Cloud, Florida but I found this little treat along US-192. This trip was brief but I got a lot from it as you will see. The locals must have a pure sweet tooth in this area based on the size of the donut case I found here. So many donuts everywhere…this could be a dream for me on some days. I was here for about thirty minutes. The restaurant was very quiet, no one else came in until I was about to leave. This restaurant does not just serve donuts. They offer their breakfast sandwiches all day along with their deli sandwiches. I wish I had a place like this near my home. Being open until 10pm is awesome too, especially for a place like this.

The service was really good. A woman was manning it by herself for most of the time I was there and she handled other orders and phone orders very well. I am curious to see how this place performs when it is really busy. Prices on the sandwiches were very cheap, most under $4.00. They offer various coffees as well. I think my breakfast sandwich was the highlight on this visit. I arrived here approximately 740PM tonight and it was worth the drive. The atmosphere was very quiet while I was there, and sometimes I like to have a quiet experience without a lot of people around. I was not rushed to eat or leave and you will find plenty of options. I wish I could have identified all of the varieties of donuts. Do not worry, I took plenty of pictures of the cases for you. This place was very basic but spacious. Do not expect a ‘thrill’ element from the restaurant but consider it a fun spot to hang out if you have a few minutes.

Accessibility: Sip N Dip is located on US-192 (Eastbound Side) in Saint Cloud, Florida approximately 3 miles from Florida Turnpike (Tolls). Traffic was moderate during the time of my arrival. I had to make a U-Turn before turning into the restaurant but no issues entering or exiting. Parking was in abundance while I was there, plenty of spaces available.

Customer Service: I was greeted ‘almost’ immediately upon entry. The nice lady working was in the middle of a lengthy phone order when I arrived. The two donuts I ordered were given to me immediately and my breakfast sandwich was ready in less than ten minutes. There was not much interaction after I received my food. They did send me off with a ‘thank you,’ and a smile when I left, so I am happy with that.

Dating Scene: This place is not on my radar for a date but if you want something low key and want something sweet, it is good for a quick stop with your significant other. The restaurant is family friendly. There are more than enough tables for families or groups to sit. The family may have a little sugar high out of here but who cares?

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered two donuts; a cinnamon twist and a vanilla frosted donut with a chocolate frosted star on it. Both donuts were pretty good. I really liked the vanilla frosted the most between the two. I think next time I will do the glazed twist. I ordered the steak and egg sandwich (without cheese per my request) on a biscuit. I was very surprised by this one. The steak was in chunks and cooked inside of the egg. I do not think I have ever had it like that but it was amazing. The biscuit itself was a little unusual in a good way. It was very fluffy, definitely from scratch. The donuts were $1.09 each and my sandwich was $2.99. I think two people in here could spend less than $15 if you are getting a sandwich, with a donut and a drink. Donuts are sold individual or by the dozen. I identified jelly filled donuts, seriously huge cinnamon buns and ‘butterflies’ which were even bigger. I found coconut donuts, donuts with gummy bears, cake donuts, and glazed. Sandwiches consist of eggs, bacon, steak, cheese, almost anything you want.

Extras: You are near the Florida Turnpike (Tolls) and less than 30 minutes from Old Town in Kissimmee on the other end of US-192.

Restaurant Cleanliness: A couple of tables needed attention with cleaning. No other issues.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Donuts, Saint Cloud


Suga High

Orlando, Florida 09/30/2017

Suga Mammas Pound Cakes

We are doing this review a little differently. Recently I have begun seeking out people that do not own restaurants but they have businesses where they fulfill orders, or make items in commercial kitchens or people that deliver foods they make to their clients. I had a chance to meet with Suga Mamma herself. You can check out her site at

I remember finding her business cards at my barbershop a few weeks ago and reached out to her. It was an honor to meet her. We met in Orlando today and I had a chance to sample some of the items she makes and I took one of her most popular items. On my journey with Florida Stuffed, I have never been given anything like this and I appreciate the gesture. We are going to treat this more as a show case since my standard outline of restaurants does not apply!

What To Expect: Suga Mamma makes many different kinds of pound cake. I am surprised to meet anyone here that knows what pound cake is. It does not seem to be a known or popular cake here. I am from Alabama originally, and that is all they do up there. She told me that she has been doing this for fifteen years and the experience is there. When I say pound cake, it is not the typical loaf cake. Many of her items have toppings, served on plates, martini glasses and other forms. She is easy to reach and wait time for orders is just a few days if you are local.

What Did I try: I tried a few items from her sample basket. I am very surprised and happy even right now while writing this after everything I tried. I tried a sample of the banana and strawberry pound cake, and I also tried the white chocolate turtle pound cake. She allowed me to take her order of crab and shrimp pound cake. How does this work? It is a large slice of butter pound cake, which was amazing itself, topped with fresh crab meat and shrimp. What I had, just had the crab meat topping this time but I hope to order from her sometime next week. It came with a pleasant seafood sauce on the side too. The pound cakes she makes are very moist, which is the way pound cake should be.

I hope to do more reviews like this. Florida Stuffed wants to reach out to small business owners and this was an honor to meet someone personally, that made the time to see me. I am glad I had the chance to get to know her what she does for a living. Doing reviews like this is brand new to me. I am glad she knows me and what I do. Check her out, I know you will find something you would like to try. I always hope people keep an open mind with my editorial. If you have never tried pound cake before, now is the time. She told me she will be releasing some new seasonal items for winter and I am hoping to try as much as possible!

Hot Igloo

Location: Andys Igloo –Winter Haven, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/30/2017

Welcome to the first review of Florida Stuffed delivered from Winter Haven, Florida! Last restaurant review of the month! This restaurant was not my first choice, nor was it on my itinerary tonight. I had my eyes on another restaurant in the area but for some unknown reason, that restaurant was trying to close over an hour early. I passed by this place and saw people standing outside of it and the vintage sign on the side of the road so I parked it right there. This was a pleasant surprise for me considering this place did not show up in any of my searches of the area. This classic restaurant takes locals back to a different time. I believe this may be the oldest restaurant I have ever reviewed, with an opening date of 1951.

This restaurant had an atmosphere with classic 50’s and 60’s music that anyone young or old can enjoy. The food was on point tonight and I will go a little deeper into the food in this review. Please note the restaurant takes cash only. Apparently, groups of people were standing outside for two different reasons. One area was for the ice cream and milkshakes, which people take to go. The other window was for to-go orders from the main restaurant, which is a nice setup. I am sure it alleviates foot traffic in the restaurant itself. I had a chance to meet with Nikos (Correct me if I spelled your name wrong), the current owner. Very nice guy! I really appreciate having the chance to get to know him and to know the restaurant a little more. He has owned the restaurant since 1998 and is the third owner in the lifetime of the restaurant. 3 owners in the last fifty years is not bad, in my opinion. Service was really good and one thing about this place, the food is cheap on your wallet!

Accessibility: Andys is located on the corner of US-17 and Avenue G SW in Winter Haven, Florida. I am not too familiar with this area but traffic was light during the time of my arrival, approximately 930PM. Plenty of parking was available around the restaurant.

Customer Service: I was greeted immediately upon entry. Open seating is available. My server was really good. She was very friendly and checked on me quite frequently. My order was brought out to me in approximately ten minutes. The staff in general was very nice to me and it definitely makes me feel more comfortable as a first time customer.

Dating Scene: You know what, if this was near my home, I would do dates here quite frequently. You can definitely have a good time and a good meal on a small budget. It is more of a low-key place, and you can sit and enjoy the music with your food. The restaurant is very family friendly. Plenty of seating options can accommodate various groups of people.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a burger basket. This order consisted of a half pound burger, and I asked for onion rings instead of fries ($0.95 upcharge). On my burger, I had no cheese, with ketchup, pickle, onion and I added bacon ($1.75 upcharge). I also ordered a slice of apple pie. My bill came up to $10.27. The order also came with cole slaw. You know, I am sure cole slaw is not liked by many, and some ignore it on their plates but this was the surprise for me. It is one of those things people make differently everywhere but this place makes it just the way I LIKE IT. Finely minced, and creamy. I really hate dry cole slaw, which is a common thing now. The burger was really good and they give you a generous portion of bacon on the burger. The burger was cooked just right, not overdone and the onion rings were just as good. They offer breakfast in the morning until 11AM, and they offer seafood baskets, burgers, a variety of sandwiches, steak, ice cream, pies and milkshakes! A couple could spend anywhere from $20 to $25 in the restaurant, if you get desserts or anything extra with your meal. I also tried the fruit salad ice cream, which had vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and mixed fruit. Very nice!

Extras: There was not much to report in the area. There are various strip malls, and you are about fifteen minutes from Interstate 4.

Restaurant Cleanliness: My table had to be cleaned after I sat down, which was handled within a few seconds after I sat down but no issues to report.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Winter Haven, Burgers