Welcome to Florida Stuffed LLC!

Welcome! My name is Brandon Hudson, founder Florida Stuffed LLC. I created Florida Stuffed in October 2016 originally as a small hobby. Now this project has become a traveling media corporation that features over a hundred restaurants around the state of Florida. I reside in Orlando but I have visited restaurants in approximately sixty other cities and continuing to expand. Florida Stuffed achieved its status as a Limited Liability Corporation in July 2018.

After Florida Stuffed began, I decided this would be for the small restaurant/business owners. Usually, I will not review corporate or chain restaurants and I will not review theme park restaurants as I refuse to patronize these parks here altogether. My goal is to provide you with an impartial review of the places that are both familiar and unfamiliar to you.

What is it I look for? I write about the overall experience of the restaurant, not just the food. I write about the accessibility of the restaurant, customer service, dating scene, family friendliness, menu options and prices as well as restaurant cleanliness. I go after those restaurants that appeal to locals and the average person with reasonable prices, no reservations, not anything too extravagant. Florida Stuffed has grown to include a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp and Google Maps and Twitter. Feel free to comment on any post, and feel free to contact me any time for restaurant recommendations no matter where you are.

A quick bio on me: I am 35 years old, no children, not married and prior to creating Florida Stuffed LLC, I was an accountant for nearly ten years, a very unsuccessful one. I have always enjoyed writing more and I love eating. I am also looking at traveling on a full-time basis with this. The Florida Stuffed website was created to be interactive and easy to use. Feel free to use the search feature to search by food type or by city. If you like what you see, please become an email subscriber and you will be the first to know when a new review is posted.

Long Term Business Plan: Obtain office space (either in the Orlando or Tampa area), hire employees and to bring Florida Stuffed into the printed world.