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Location: Astro Craft Ice Cream –Tampa, Florida

Date of Visit: 03/04/2020

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to a unique ice cream spot in Tampa, Florida. As some of you know, March is “Ice Cream Month” here on Florida Stuffed and I spend the month visiting some new and unique ice cream spots around the state. It has been a while since I have visited a place to eat in Tampa, so I made a quick stop here. This particular place is a popular spot among the locals and nestled within the Heights Public Market. Along my stroll through this place, I noticed several other places to try. The atmosphere of the marketplace was upbeat, modern with a pleasant ambiance.

Astro Craft Ice Cream is a small spot but in one short turn, you see an abundance of flavors, topping and extras that will cure your sweet cravings. My interaction with the crew was minimal but they were friendly, helpful and made everyone welcomed. You get a comfortable atmosphere to sit down after getting your order and despite mixed comments from others, I thought prices were reasonable.

Accessibility: Astro Craft Ice Cream is located at 1910 N Ola Avenue in Tampa, Florida. Parking was a challenge as there are two lots for the marketplace but I was driving around for approximately fifteen minutes. My arrival time was approximately 730PM.

Customer Service: There was a line when I entered but I was greeted when I reached the register. Orders are taken immediately and I had my order in less than a couple of minutes. The crew I spoke with were nice and patient with me while I decided on what I wanted to order. Open seating is available next to the restaurant.

Dating Scene: With plenty to do in this market, this is suitable for a nice date spot. Seating arrangements are comfortable to couples, and both small and large groups.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a large two scoop ice cream bowl which featured both Brown Sugar Whiskey Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Vanilla Duo Ice Cream, all topped with chocolate chip cookie dough bites. Both combined for a great treat. The Vanilla Duo included vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla shortbread cookies and the waffle segment. Underneath was the Whiskey Cookie Dough. This had a great smooth flavor of cinnamon, sweet bourbon and the quality of ice cream overall is extremely fresh. The vanilla ice cream had a fresh taste of cream , milk and the cookie dough bites were great. My bill came to $8.05. You may see a picture of another ice cream creation here. I took a picture of an order from another customer as well.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Extras: There are other places in the market to check out, look around. You are approximately five minutes from Interstate 275, fifteen minutes from downtown Tampa and Ybor City.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

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