Catching Up With Alex

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Location: Alex’s Fresh Kitchen –Casselberry, Florida

Date of Visit: 11/30/2019

Welcome to Part Two of Alex’s Fresh Kitchen!

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to a follow-up special of Alex’s Fresh Kitchen. This new spot opened earlier in 2019 in the Casselberry, Florida area and this is one spot I recommend you to try. You can find a link to Alex’s Fresh Kitchen on the sponsors section of the Florida Stuffed website! Instead of making this my repeat restaurant of the month, I decided to do something special for this place and make a second review article here.

In this review, I had the chance to catch up with Mr Alex himself. It was great to see him again along with his parents. I was joined by a friend on this visit as well, and we will get her feedback in a moment. It was great to see this place still thriving. Alex is a creative guy that comes up with new menu items and he also refines his previous creations. This is a comfortable spot for you to enjoy your breakfast or brunch. This remains a good spot for those looking for a vegan option and their cakes remain gluten-free.

I wanted to see what has changed here so I decided to re-order the Chicken Mini-Waffles I had tried and enjoyed on the first visit. Speaking of refinements, this dish has changed from its original. While I was in love with the dish the first time I tried it, this dish has gotten bigger and bigger both in size and flavor. The chicken mini-waffles is anything but mini now. You will find larger waffles, with larger selections of fried chicken still garnished in vanilla cream sauce and chives with a light coat of syrup. A larger portion was a nice surprised. I promise to try something different on my next visit but this remains a favorite.

My lady friend enjoyed her experience as well. As a first-time customer she saw many options she liked and chose to try the croissant sandwich with turkey along with a side of home fries. She also took a couple of slices of carrot cake-to go. She was happy with service and food presentation as well as food quality. I wanted to make her drive from Winter Garden worth it and this place did not disappoint her.

I hope you enjoyed this revisit of Alex’s Fresh Kitchen. You can find a link to his website and find out more about this place in the Sponsors tab of the Florida Stuffed website. You can find the article of the original visit on the homepage under “Alex At Work.” A shout out to Mr Alex for featuring Florida Stuffed on his site as well. Keep up the great work!

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