Italy “From Scratch”

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Location: Fra Diavolo Italian Restaurant –Lauderhill, Florida

Date of Visit: 09/27/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to a special restaurant feature. Fra Diavolo is a Florida Stuffed partner that I have been promoting for several weeks prior to this visit. I have been doing social media advertisements, and never visited this place, which made this an exciting visit. This is also the first restaurant to be featured from the Fort Lauderdale area. Classic Italian style cooking is what this place is all about.

Fra Diavolo is a unique spot that I recommend you visit if you are in the area. This spot has been around for twenty-six years and it stays true to its roots. You get a fine-dining experience in a traditional Italian setting and the crew here is very nice, very professional and welcoming to anyone coming through the door. The food here is made from scratch, expect fresh ingredients and a comfortable atmosphere. I had the chance to chat with the head chef, Mr Diego. Great guy, enjoyed hearing his insights on this restaurants and getting to know him. He knows what he is doing and his passion is felt in his food. You can find a link to this restaurant on the Sponsors section of the Florida Stuffed website.

Accessibility: Fra Diavolo is located on North University Drive in Lauderhill, Florida. Plenty of parking is available inside of the shopping strip. Traffic was moderate at the time of my arrival, approximately 515PM.

Customer Service: I was greeted and seated upon entry. Open seating is available inside and comfortable seating is available outside as well. I was checked on several times by the crew during my stay. For each stage of my meal, they checked on me to make sure I was enjoying it, and I was. Not only does that make me feel welcomed but I feel at home.

Dating Scene: This place is perfect for a date night. You get fine-dining service, plenty of wines to choose from, reasonable prices and a nice mix of background music. Seating arrangements are comfortable for couples or small groups. This place also handles larger parties as well. Just contact them ahead of time.

Lets Get to the Menu: Fra Diavolo hosts a wide range of authentic Italian dishes. I ordered the Sausage and Peppers with pasta, along with a glass of merlot wine and a slice of white chocolate cake. The first course included a basket of bread and salad, both of which I enjoyed. I recommend you try their bread with their garlic dipping sauce. The sausage and peppers had the right balance of meat, sauce and pasta. You get a taste of some very fresh ingredients. The sausage was mild but flavorful and sauce and parmesan cheese created the perfect topping. Very happy with overall portion and presentation. The sauce had a very fresh tomato base. The white chocolate cake took me by surprise! It was a chocolate cake with layers of white chocolate, topped and garnished with whipped cream. I hope they keep that on their menu. Perfectly sweet. The merlot was good too. I also had the opportunity to take a picture of a dessert a couple at the next table was enjoying. It was a chocolate mousse cake in a glass. They are long-time customers and it was pleasure meeting them as well.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Extras: You are within walking distance of the rest of the shopping strip. You are also approximately 15 minutes from the highways.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

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