A Good Deed

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Location: Chicago’s Best Burgers –Brandon, Florida

Date of Visit: 08/01/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to the first stop of August 2019! It has been several months since the last time I featured a restaurant from this city and it was time to visit again. This place became known to me after they followed the Florida Stuffed Twitter page recently and visiting here left me with a good impression. This is one place I recommend you try if you are anywhere in Tampa area or Lakeland. Chicago has always had a reputation for hot dogs, pizza, but burgers? If this is true, this is probably one of their biggest secrets.

Chicago’s Best Burgers offers a relaxed atmosphere, great service and some great food for sure. The restaurant is comfortable for all ages and I was very happy with the short wait time for my food. I will get into the burger I ordered in a moment but expect fresh meat, fresh toppings and lots of choices. I arrived at approximately 1230PM and remained approximately forty-five minutes.

Accessibility: Chicago’s Best Burgers is located on Brandon Boulevard near Providence Road in Brandon, Florida. Parking was available throughout the strip. Traffic was steady in the area at the time of my arrival.

Customer Service: I was greeted upon entry. Orders are taken at the register. I was checked on a couple of times during my visit. My order came out to me in approximately ten minutes. Had a friendly team working in there and definitely felt welcomed.

Dating Scene: I would suggest this place for a low-key date if you are in the mood for a good plate of burgers and fries. Seating arrangements are comfortable for small groups, couples or individuals.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a Build Your Own Burger. For an extra charge of $3.75, I made it a double. It included two 6-ounce burger patties, on a brioche bun (other bun types were available to choose from), topped with a fried egg, barbecue sauce, ketchup, mozzarella cheese, onions and pickles. After making it a combo with fries and a drink, my total came to $19.01 but it was worth every penny. The burger was done just right, cooked medium-well per my request and the right amount of toppings made this one of the best burgers I have tried. I was surprised to see the pickles diced, but I liked how that was done. Despite all of the toppings, nothing fell off of the burger. Very fresh meat, cheese and I enjoyed the other toppings. The portion of fries was very generous. This was a hefty meal but enjoyable. My compliments to the kitchen.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Extras: You are approximately five minutes from the Brandon Mall, within walking distance of other shops and restaurants in the same strip and ten minutes from Interstate 75.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

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