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Location: China in College Park — Orlando, Florida

Date of Visit: 07/02/2019

Florida Stuffed is starting off July 2019 with a stop to a Chinese restaurant in Orlando, Florida. It has been almost two years since I toured restaurants in the College Park neighborhood so a return was much needed. China in College Park sits at the small but busy intersection of Edgewater Drive and Princeton Street, which makes it easy to find but difficult to park at certain times of the day.

I visited this restaurant for the first time today, along with a friend. You will have her feedback in a moment. I found the restaurant to be comfortable, with a pleasant ambiance. The noise level in the restaurant remained very low despite it being at the intersection with traffic right outside the window. This place does not fall short in terms of good service, and food variety. Even though the restaurant itself was a pleasant experience, the food left much to be desired. This was kind of a first for me to say that on Florida Stuffed and in general for any Chinese restaurant I have visited in general.

Accessibility: China in College Park is located at the intersection of Edgewater Drive and Princeton Street in Orlando, Florida. Parallel parking is available in the immediate area. Traffic can become heavy in the area during commute hours. I had to park another couple of streets away, which was just a short walk.

Dating Scene: I would recommend this place for a comfortable date scene during lunch or dinner hours. Seating arrangements are comfortable for couples or small groups. Comfortable ambiance and low noise make it a good spot.

Customer Service: My friend and I were greeted upon entry and seated. Our server checked on us regularly and refilled our drinks without us asking, a definite plus for me. Our orders were brought out in approximately ten minutes.

Lets Get to the Menu: Even though I was with someone on this visit, there are not many pictures because we ordered the same thing. We each ordered the Triple Delight (Lunch Special), mine was ordered spicy. It features chicken, shrimp and beef with mixed vegetables with vegetable fried rice. We each had egg drop soup. I found the portion overall to be small. It made me feel like either I was too big to eat there or too hungry or both. The rice was a very small portion, and had a rather burnt taste to it. Some people do not mind that but it takes away from the flavor for me. I found the ingredients to be very fresh in the Triple Delight but I have never seen baby shrimp used in this particular dish. Usually I see jumbo shrimp. Even though I finished my plate, I still felt hungry after leaving. My friend stated that if she were to return, she would order something else. She was also questioning food portions. As for me, I would return here as well and I would be willing to try something else. Together our orders came to $17.91 before tip.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Extras: You are within walking distance of other shops and restaurants in the College Park district. You are approximately ten minutes from Interstate 4 and downtown Orlando.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

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