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Location: Humpavelli’s Pizza –Titusville, Florida

Date of Visit: 06/14/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to Titusville for the second time this month. This pizza restaurant was recommended to me by a reader and after visiting, I recommend this place to you as well. I had a friend join me on this visit, and I will talk a little more about his take on this place further in this article. Overall, I was happy with my experience here. Food quality, options, and service were all good.

This restaurant may be small but it has a lot to offer. Even during lunch time, this place has pizza by the slice, by the pie, other specialty items, desserts and more. One thing I enjoyed here was how this place has their own spin on New York Style Pizza. The atmosphere was laid back with comfortable seating arrangements and ease of access to condiments, fountain drinks and clear view of their pizza case. This is a spot I would come back to next time I am in the area. We remained approximately one hour.

Accessibility: Humpavelli’s Pizza is located on Columbia Boulevard (AKA SR-405) in Titusville, Florida next to Target. Plenty of parking is available in front of the restaurant. Traffic was moderate in the area at the time of my arrival, approximately 1150AM.

Customer Service: My friend and I were greeted at the door. Orders are taken at the register. The cashier and the other staff were welcoming and friendly. We were checked on a couple of times during our stay as well. Open seating is available inside. Our orders came out in approximately fifteen minutes.

Dating Scene: If you are in the area looking for good pizza, I would recommend this place for a quick date during lunch or dinner hours. Seating arrangements accommodate couples or small groups.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered a rather unique item called a BBQ Roll. This is similar to a stromboli. It is a rolled pizza dough with chicken breast, ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese with barbecue sauce inside and on top. I asked for this item with extra cheese. I also ordered a Pineapple Roll. My order came to $19.53. The BBQ Roll was amazing. It had the right amount of ingredients, all of the flavors blended together and it was the perfect combination of my favorite meats. The pineapple roll was better than I expected. It was similar to my pizza roll but it contained pineapple, sugar and cinnamon topped with vanilla icing. I was glad to try this dessert. My friend ordered a calzone. It had sausage, ham and mushrooms with ricotta cheese. He finished it quite flawlessly. He mentioned he prefers his calzones very well done but he definitely enjoyed this one. He was happy with the service as well. On the menu, you will find pizzas, pastas, rolls, subs, salads and other desserts. This restaurant caters as well. I would suggest a couple budget between $25-35 assuming you order a 16″ pie with drinks and a dessert. This place also sells by the slice during lunch hours.

Extras: You are within walking distance of Target and several other shops in the same strip. You are approximately five minutes from Interstate 95.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit cards.

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