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Location: Alex’s Fresh Kitchen — Casselberry, Florida

Date of Visit: 06/06/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes to a very special review. This restaurant is the first to be featured in Casselberry, Florida and is also in its grand opening. There is much to talk about from this small spot. I met Mr Alex himself recently and he told me he recently opened this restaurant. Awesome guy and great cook too. Be sure to arrive here early as their hours are from 7AM-3PM.

This restaurant is not your typical breakfast and brunch spot. You have some creative options made from scratch. If you are looking for healthier options, and vegan and gluten-free choices, this is a great spot. The atmosphere provides a comfortable and relaxed dining experience. With his parents involved in the kitchen, this place gives you that welcoming vibe that will make you visit again. I was very happy with the level of service, food quality and I am going to introduce you to a very creative dish in this article.

Accessibility: Alex’s Fresh Kitchen is located in Summit Plaza at the intersection of Sausalito and SR-436 in Casselberry, Florida. Traffic was steady in the area during my arrival at approximately 1140AM. Traffic can become thick during commute times. Plenty of parking is available along the strip.

Customer Service: I was greeted upon entry by Mr Alex. Orders are taken at the register. Open seating is available. I was checked on a few times during my stay by Mr Alex and other staff as well. It makes me feel very welcomed as a new customer. My order was brought out in approximately fifteen minutes.

Dating Scene: You should consider this place for a good date spot for breakfast or brunch. Decorum, and seating arrangements provide a comfortable dining experience for couples, families and/or small groups.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered the Mini Chicken Waffles. This was a very unique dish between the food presentation and lots of flavor. This dish includes mini waffles on skewers with cuts of lightly fried chicken, sitting in vanilla sauce, vanilla maple syrup, caramel crunch and garnished in chives. The waffles had a great amount of flavor, fluffy and easy to eat in one bite. The chicken was great, very fresh and moist. All of it mixed well with the sauce and the garnish. It was a nice balance of flavor and texture.  I also ordered a slice of their chocolate peanut butter cake. This was a different take on cake for me as it was gluten-free. Their desserts are all gluten-free and this exceeded expectations. The chocolate cake itself was moist, and the peanut butter  frosting added a substantial flavor making this cake very enjoyable. My bill came to $19.31. I also had a sample of cranberry almond cake, which surprised me as well. On the menu, you will find various breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, fresh made sandwiches, vegan selections including burgers and pancakes, steak, chicken and gluten free cakes, breads and pies. Based on prices, I would suggest a couple budget between $25 to $35.

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Extras: You are within walking distance of other shops and cafes in the same strip. You are across the street from a Planet Fitness gym. Nearest highways are 15 to 20 minutes away depending on traffic (SR-417 or Interstate 4).

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or Credit Card.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Casselberry, Breakfast, Brunch, Vegan

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