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Location: Loyd Have Mercy — Titusville, Florida

Date of Visit: 06/01/2019

Florida Stuffed welcomes you to the first stop of June! It has been several months since I have been in the Titusville area and this is one of two spots to be featured this month. Loyd Have Mercy is a well-known spot to eat that was recommended to me by locals. The restaurant hosts a range of foods including seafood, barbecue and soul food so feel free to explore the menu. Overall I had a good experience and recommend this spot. I was a little more critical of the food here, which I will get into further in this article.

The restaurant had a comfortable atmosphere, with plenty of places to sit. Service was very attentive, staff was friendly and prices are kept affordable here. This place offers an easy ordering experience as you can dine-in, take-out and they offer catering as well. I arrived at approximately 315PM and remained approximately forty-five minutes.

Accessibility: Loyd Have Mercy is located on South Washington Avenue (AKA US-1) near the Intersection of Country Club Drive in Titusville, Florida. Traffic flow in the area was steady at the time of my arrival. Open parking was available in front of the restaurant.

Customer Service: I was greeted and seated upon entry. My server was  friendly, helpful getting me through the menu and informed me of a couple of menu items that were not available. She checked on me a few times during my stay. My order was brought out in approximately ten minutes. Open seating is available inside and outside.

Dating Scene: I would recommend this spot for a comfortable date scene. Seating options are suitable for small groups, families or couples. Overall seating was comfortable. The restaurant is family friendly.

Lets Get to the Menu: On this visit, I ordered the Saint Louis Ribs. I chose onion rings and mashed potatoes as my sides. Along with my fountain drink, my bill came to $14.92 before tip making this an affordable experience. Pleased with food quality. I was a fan of both the onion rings and the mashed potatoes. Both were homemade, nicely done. I had mixed feelings on the ribs. The overall portion was four ribs. I liked how they were glazed in bbq sauce, which added a nice flavor. I was not able to do much with the first two ribs as I was hitting a little too much bone but the other two made were great at the end. On the menu, you will find wings, dinners including liver, chicken, fish, barbecue (ribs, pork), various sides, desserts, sandwiches, family-sized meals, and bulk items. Based on prices, I would suggest a couple budget between $25 and $40 assuming you order a dinner plate along with drinks and a dessert. When I visit again, there are other items I would like to try on the menu.

Extras: You are approximately ten minutes from the downtown area, fifteen minutes from Interstate 95 (depending on traffic).

Restaurant Cleanliness: No issues to report.

Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash or credit card.

Florida Stuffed Keyword(s): Titusville, Soul Food, Seafood, American, BBQ

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